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The Budding Calligrapher’s Holiday Gift Guide

November 28, 2019

Whether you’re calligraphy curious, have taken one of my beginner workshops, or you’re ready to take your projects up a notch, there’s something we can all agree on: we love pens, paper, and creating beautiful things. There’s something about crafting that soothes the soul, calligraphy especially! If you’re looking for something special for the beginner calligrapher in your life, or are getting ideas for your own wish list, look no further ✍️

The Gift of Experience

Practising calligraphy with tracing paper

I wouldn’t be a calligraphy instructor if I didn’t believe that hands-on, guided instruction was the best way to learn modern calligraphy. In class I can evaluate how you’re sitting, holding the brush pen and how much pressure you’re using to create individual strokes. I love meeting new students and creating a fun and relaxing learning environment (read the reviews!). Many of my students attend a workshop with a friend, learn with me online or are gifted a virtual calligraphy coaching session by a loved one.

A High Quality Notebook


Brush pens and a quality notebook go together like PB & J. More like, PB & BuJo (I’ll see myself out 😅)

My top fave notebooks include:

Archer & Olive

These notebooks make for a delightfully smooth writing experience, and are perfect for both brush and nib pens because they won’t bleed through the high quality paper. You can also go the extra mile and get the notebook personalized with custom calligraphy of the person’s name, monogram or initials. Or, they may want to personalize it themselves!

A DIY Photography Kit

Camera on pile of books

Calligraphers are experts at creating beautiful pieces – but getting the right lighting to photograph those pieces can be a huge pain, especially if you want to level up your social media game. But don’t worry – you don’t need to go buying an expensive DSLR for your calligrafriend.

You just might want to get them a sturdy smartphone stand and a nice overhead light to fill in any shadows. I have this ring light and this Goosebeck phone holder in my home studio, and I love them for recording Instagram videos!

The Best Beginner Calligraphy Tools

Envelope addressing

I have a whole other blog post on my favourite beginner brush calligraphy tools, so if your loved one is interested in calligraphy, but doesn’t know where to start, start there!

“Next Level” Calligraphy Tools

These next recommendations are great tools for a project that many aspiring calligraphers consider a major goal of their practice: Envelope Addressing. Snazzing up my snail mail is one of my favourite ways to use my craft and send a little personalized delight to friends and family.

Rather than having to draw and erase guidelines on every envelope, there’s a handy dandy stencil you can use, or my literally one of my favourite tools ever – the Laser Level. Hence… “Next Level” Calligraphy Tools. (😅)

A Small Business Branding Gift Card

If your loved one is a small business or creativepreneur, they have to just leap into their craft and start creating. But sooner or later, they’ll realize that they need to invest in some thoughtful, unique branding services to give potential clients a professional first impression. But it can be hard to make the decision to spend money on investing in your business! Why not buy them a gift card for a small business branding package? Check out my branding packages and reach out to inquire for details.

Branding options example

Happy holidays, and happy shopping!

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