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Introducing... The Letter Writers Club™

August 28, 2023

In today's fast-paced, digital world, where connectivity is at our fingertips but genuine connections seem increasingly elusive, there's a longing for something more authentic and tangible. This is precisely why I have fallen head over heels for the timeless art of letter-writing. It's a medium that transcends the superficiality of our modern communication methods and allows us to forge profound, lasting connections. Welcome to The Letter Writers Club™ – a community where we celebrate the beauty of handwritten words and cherish the connections they bring.

Letter-writing has the remarkable power to bridge the gaps that have emerged in our ever-connected but somewhat disconnected world. It's not just about scribbling words on paper; it's about weaving emotions, thoughts, and experiences into a tangible message, one that's meant to be held, cherished, and revisited.

What Can You Expect from the Club?

ipad with letter writers club email displayed

At The Letter Writers Club™, we're on a mission to revive the art of letter-writing and, more importantly, the sense of genuine connection it fosters. Here's a glimpse of what you can look forward to when you join our community:

  1. A Sense of Belonging: In a world that often feels isolating, our club offers a warm and welcoming space for like-minded individuals who share a passion for the written word. Connect with fellow members who appreciate the beauty of handwritten letters and the personal touch they bring to relationships.
  2. Monthly Letter-Writing Prompts: We believe in keeping the art of letter-writing alive and thriving. That's why we offer monthly prompts to inspire your creativity. Whether you're an experienced letter writer or just getting started, these prompts will spark your imagination and help you craft meaningful messages.
  3. Exclusive Resources: As a member, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of resources designed to enhance your letter-writing skills. From calligraphy tips to stationery recommendations, we're here to support your journey toward becoming a masterful letter writer.
  4. Community Events (coming soon): Join us for virtual gatherings, workshops, and letter-writing parties. These events will be an excellent opportunity to bond with other members, share your experiences, and learn from one another.

But that's not all – we have something truly special in store for our members. Introducing the Letter Writers Club Subscription Box!

The Letter Writers Club Subscription Box

A World of Letter-Writing Delivered Right to Your Door

stationery subscription box

Spoil yourself or give the ultimate gift to the stationery lover in your life with The Letter Writers Club™ Box. Each box contains a treasure trove of luxury stationery worth $150, and it's all conveniently delivered to your door.

The Letter Writers Club™ Box includes:

- 6 x fine art lined envelopes
- 6 x foil-pressed note cards
- 6 x wax seal stickers
- 6 x fine postage sets (featuring both contemporary and vintage postage stamps!)

But that's not all! In addition to the essentials, you'll discover surprise items in each box, such as writing tools, exquisite letter-writing paper, stickers, pins, and so much more! It's a delightful assortment that will fuel your creativity and make your letter-writing experience truly special.

subscription box with vintage postage sets

And the best part? You have options! You can purchase a standalone box whenever you like, or you can subscribe and save. Choose convenient seasonal deliveries (four times a year, with prepaid and pay-as-you-go options – whatever suits your letter-writing rhythm.

As if that's not enough, all Letter Writers Club Box Members will also enjoy store-wide discounts and free access to the LWC e-newsletter. Our newsletter is packed with Cody's favorite stationery inspirations and, of course, those monthly letter-writing prompts that keep your creativity flowing.

Let's rekindle the lost art of letter-writing together.

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