September 18, 2019

My Favourite Tools

The most frequently asked question any calligrapher gets to their DMs is a frantic “what pen is this???”. There are so many tools and brush pens out there, so here’s a round-up of the supplies that I always have stocked in my home studio. You’ll also get most of them in your free workshop starter kit!

Disclaimer: This supply list includes affiliate links, meaning that your purchase may result in a few cents in payment to me, to support creating further resources like this one. Thanks a million! That being said, I will never suggest supplies that I do not personally use and fully recommend.

Brush Pens

The Small-Tipped Brush Pen

The Tombow Fudenosuke (hard tip) brush pen is one of my favourite brush pen out there. It’s the first brush pen I ever used, and always recommend it for beginners. Because the tip is a little more inflexible than the soft tip or other brush pens, it’s a lot easier to control for someone who is new to calligraphy, and it also can create really beautiful thin strokes that are similar to the dip pen calligraphy style.

This Tombow Fudenosuke Hard & Soft Tip Duo is a no-brainer for beginners. These smaller-tipped pens are perfect for more traditional calligraphy, place cards, envelope addressing, and more. They also have a colourful 10-pack!

Another great option for a small-tipped pen with a much smoother glide, is the Pentel Sign Pen. Less rigid, and with a “juicy”‘ finish, this is one of my go-to pens at the moment.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Tombow dual tip brush pens

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen is the next step if you want to create larger, more colourful pieces. Just like the Fudenosuke, they’re water-based, which means you can even use them for watercolour projects (like watercolour place cards – tutorial to come!)

They come in delightful 10-packs including Pastel, Galaxy, Tropical, Brights, Secondary Colours, or you could even go for…. the motherlode.


HP Premium 32lb Copy Paper

HP Premium white paper

As a fellow pen and paper addict enthusiast, it is so easy to obsess over finding the highest quality materials – but please don’t break the bank. This heavier, smoother printer paper is delightfully smooth, won’t fray your brush pens quickly and is a more affordable alternative to another one of my favourites, the Rhodia pad (which, don’t get me wrong, makes for a pretty delicious writing experience 😅).

The HP Premium32 Printer paper is also FSC certified – much better for our trees! So go ahead and print out those calligraphy guidelines to your heart’s content.

Tracing Paper

Tracing paper booklet, 50 sheets

Using vellum or tracing paper is a great way to build muscle memory by tracing over exemplars, like the ones you’ll get in my workshops! I use tracing paper all the time so that I can see my guidelines underneath, without having to draw them and erase them afterwards.

There are so many other resources out there, and I can wait to share more! If you have questions about other materials and projects, shoot me an email at or DM me on instagram.

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