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Order Process: Custom Calligraphy Vows & Love Letters

July 27, 2020

Hiring a professional calligrapher to handwrite your words, or the words of your favourite artist one of the most personal and thoughtful ways to show your loved one that you care.

Custom calligraphy, wedding vows, handwritten song lyrics or poems, and personalized calligraphy names on gifts are the most popular gifts I get requests for.

So let’s dig into some things to keep in mind when ordering a piece of personalized custom calligraphy.

custom calligraphy quote by Toronto calligrapher

How to Order Custom Calligraphy

Keep it Short & Sweet.

My custom calligraphy rates are tied directly to word count, so it is always going to be more cost effective for you to keep your pieces on the shorter side. But it also helps your letter or set of vows stay succinct and to the point. There is nothing worse than a love letter that has lots of run on sentences and redundancies! By saying what’s from the heart, and cutting out any fluff, your words will have much more impact.

Edit, Edit, Edit.

If you’re writing your own vows or letter to a loved one, the best way to cut out any redundancies and watch out for spelling/grammatical errors is to proofread it! If you’re writing your own vows or love letter, I highly recommend having someone else proofread and edit for you. And, if your piece is a surprise or you’re not comfortable getting a friend to look it over, I also offering proofreading / copy editing services! Please inquire for more info.

Keep the Page Size in Mind.

Lisa Vigliotta Photography

It’s important to note that calligraphy is written much larger than a printed font. Fonts can be produced at very small sizes and still be t least somewhat legible. In contrast, there is a limit to how small your calligrapher can write.

Many of my requests are for framed calligraphy poems, lyrics or quotes. But keep in mind that anything longer than 150 words will need to be written on paper that is larger than 8×10.

So, where do you see displaying your piece of custom calligraphy? Framed on a wall? In a frame on a table? A letter kept in your keepsake box? Depending on what size you’d like the final product to be, this size will help us figure out a ballpark length.

Book a Calligrapher Before Writing It

For all of the reasons above and more, it’s best to contact me and start the conversation before you sit down to write (type) your love letter. I can help coach you on what pieces to choose or even edit your letters for you.

How to Write Your Own Vows

Okay but, how do you actually write your own wedding vows? A great way to start is to look for examples of what others have written, but it can also really help to have a step-by-step guide for how to write from the heart.

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