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3 Unique Ways to Add Calligraphy to Your Life

March 10, 2020

You’ve attended a calligraphy workshop or maybe just started getting into the hobby while holed up during a pandemic. You’re doodling on every scrap piece of paper and to-do list that you can find, and finding any excuse to make personalized place cards or send snail mail with jazzy calligraphy envelopes to your pals. You’re likely wondering “but how can I take this new obsession to the next level?”

Here are 4 ways that I bring my calligraphy practice into the everyday routine.

Personalize Your Gifts

Custom Gold Foil Calligraphy on leather wallet

And I’m not just talking about gift tags! Adding custom calligraphy of your friend’s name, initials, or even instagram handle is a cute way to add a personal touch to an already thoughtful gift.

This of course works well on paper products like notebooks, but I love kicking this idea up a notch with my Foil Quill. This heat pen makes it super easy to create a foil-stamped monogram or to add calligraphy on leather or faux leather pieces such as wallets, luggage tags or purses. Check out a video of me doing calligraphy on faux leather with the Foil Quill on Instagram!

Decorate Your Home

Framed calligraphy

Put your beautiful calligraphy on display! This is especially fun when practicing at home — I love creating alphabet exemplars for my different styles.

Grab any frame from a second-hand store and you have some new wall art! And they’re perfect for referencing during future calligraphy projects.

The Unexpected Scenario

Coffee cup with "good morning" written in calligraphy

At this point, I pretty much carry (at least) one brush pen wherever I go — in my purse, backpack, I’ve even been known to keep one stashed in my jacket pocket at all times. Am I expecting some sort of calligraphy emergency? (I mean, that’s the kind of superhero I could really get on board with.) There have been so many times when I’ve been out in the world where I’ve thought “Dang, I wish I had a brush pen right now” so now I always recommend to always bring a brush pen with you everywhere you go. It’s great for networking and showing new connections your live calligraphy skills.

But I mean, on-the-spot calligraphy is also just a fun party trick 😉 — the fun thing about it is that you never know when you might need to whip out your calligraphy skills and wow someone with your talent!

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