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4 Totally Unique Wax Seal Ideas

May 1, 2020

Calligraphy will always be my first love, but I’ll be honest with you: wax seals have stolen my heart. Seals are a truly gorgeous way to finish off a custom wedding suite, add another gorgeous branding element to your company stationery, or create a stunning detail on your next gift.

And there are so many possibilities to customize them. Sure, the colour opportunities are endless, but once you get the hang of the process, there are even more ways to personalize your wax seals.

Marbled Wax Seals

Marbled Peach Wax Seals

By mixing your wax beads or alternating wax sealing sticks in your wax seal gun, you can create some truly unique wax seal colour combinations by mixing wax colours, making each one unique and giving them a marbled effect.

Pressed Flower Wax Seals

Pressed Flower Wax Seal

Using pressed or dried flowers in your wax seals is such a fun way to incorporate natural elements into your seals. Pick and dry them yourself or look for some dried florals on Etsy!

Gold Detail Wax Seals

Soft white wax seal with flecks of gold leaf

Adding flecks of gold leaf or metallic paint pen can add a classy and elegant twist on the classic wax seal. Especially beautiful on a minimalist, white or monochromatic suite.

Dried Floral or Lavender Wax Seals

Dried Lavender Wax Seals

You get the idea. Once you get the hang of things, experimenting with dried herbs such as lovely lavender is always a good idea. The key word here is dried, though, as fresh florals or herbs will obviously wilt due to both the heat of the wax and from decaying over time.

Pro Tip: How to Mail Wax Seals

No matter what direction you go with, it’s important to mail your pieces with wax seals properly, otherwise you risk mail sorting machines tearing or damaging your envelopes. That’s why, if you’re using wax seals, you should always get your wedding invitation hand-cancelled! I have an entire blog post about how to do this for your wedding invitations in Canada at the Canada Post office.

Need Wax Seals without the hassle?

white wax seals with baby's breath wildflowers

P.S.... The History of Wax Seals

Learn about the history, origins and hidden meaning behind wax seals in this blog post!

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