November 19, 2019

How To Make Hand-Lettered Holiday Ornaments

It’s officially the holiday season here at Cody Calligraphy – and with that comes custom calligraphy ornament orders.

The fun thing about making holiday ornaments, is that the opportunities are endless. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start and what tools you should invest in.

Hand Written Custom Calligraphy on Glass Ornament with the name "Jolene"

Acrylic ornaments are a fun, inexpensive way to turn your handmade art into something classic and beautiful.

Tools You’ll Need

Here are my favourite tools for making acrylic hand lettered ornaments:

  • Acrylic Ornaments – a quick google search can help you source these, but my favourite are by Uniqooo. They’re also flat, which is a great first step for beginners before diving into trickier surfaces.
  • Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pen, Extra Fine – these oil-based paint pens are available in extra fine, fine, medium and broad tip, but for smaller projects like holiday ornaments, I like the Extra Fine. They also come in a variety of colours including metallic silver and gold.
  • Rubbing Alcohol & Paper Towels – While the water-based version of Sharpie Paint pens comes off easily with water, what’s great about the oil-based markers is that they are a bit more permanent. That being said, if you make mistakes, you can easily remove the ink with rubbing alcohol. Just be careful not to rub too hard, as the acrylic can scratch easily.
  • Pencil & Paper – for drafting and drawing guidelines.

Hot Tip 🔥 Use Your Guidelines!

Acrylic ornaments are completely transparent, which is perfect for new calligraphers. Take advantage of this and either draw or pre-designed guidelines to use underneath your work!

All of my workshop students get a free set of guidelines, or you can download a blank sheet here.

A Note on Calligraphy Style

As far as calligraphy style goes, a simple monoline style like the one pictured can go a long way.

Or, you can use this faux calligraphy tutorial to reinforce the downstrokes!

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